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As an SEO, whether you do Rank & Rent, Lead Generation, Affiliate/CPA Marketing or even build Adsense style sites, you need traffic running to your pages in order to be profitable. Getting free traffic from ranking in Google is not only getting harder, it's also taking longer!

Well, we are here to save your ass and get you insane results...FAST.

We've teamed up with some industry specific professionals to bring you a revolutionary new set of tools that are the holy grail of instant rankings and easy traffic that can be used for any type of SEO that you do.

Introducing the

Software Suite is the newest kid on the SEO block and it's been hanging out a lot with it's bad ass cousin LocalSupremacy. Together they are a force to be reckoned with, a literal powerhouse.

Each of these pieces of software on its own is a deadly weapon in any SEO arsenal. However, together they create a software power suite that will allow you to profit by first dominating the first page of Google with multiple listings in 24-48 hours.

Once you've got the killer rankings, you can then funnel all of your new found traffic to any client, offer, website, landing page or anything else you can dream of ; safely, securely & instantly.

What Is

SERPtech is simply put a very effective mass page builder. We all know there are many of them on the market and that is because quite simply, they work! However none of the other builders has quite power or technology behind that does.

Why? Because we do things a little differently. sites stick and don't get de-indexed nearly as much! is proven to be able to build, index and rank 100's or even 1000's of pages & keywords extremely fast.

Typically 24-48 hours is all it takes to dominate your competition by either ranking on the first page, in the top spot, or even grabbing multiple rankings on the first page of Google, Yahoo & Bing.

Want Proof?
A brand new 88 cent domain!

11,000 Indexed Results & Dominating Page 1

1390 Indexed Pages in 24 Hours

Ranking #2 in 24 Hours For High Comp & Profitable Keyword

Literally Dominating #1's IN 24 Hours
Another brand new 88 cent domain

Ranking #5 in 24 Hours Against 3,100,000 Competition

What Is LocalSupremacy?

You know all of those other softwares allow you to hang a "for rent" sign on your pages then rent them out using overlays or interstitials? Some of them even handle client management and billing automatically for you which is great! Well that's exactly what Local Supremacy is too...

But we've 'one-upped' all the competition.

Google has caught on to iFrames and Interstitials, and they don't like em one bit. Sites are getting deindexed as fast as they are getting built.

Check out all the latest features that are now included with the new and improved Local Supremacy software.


Local Supremacy has 3 technologies in place to protect your sites from prying bots!
These include;

Skinning Technology
Want to use your clients site, but change only their phone number to your call tracking? Done!

Overlay & the new and improved Overlay+
We use stealth technologies no other software has to hide the fact that you are presenting a different property to the seach engines. And no one else has anything like it.


Like ranking Youtube Videos?
With LocalSupremacy you can even rent out your YouTube
videos to your clients, and clients love em!


Hang "FOR RENT" signs on your ranked properties & collect the leads who are interested in your properties so you can follow up with them.

Automatically generate rental contracts without having to lift a finger.
Local Supremacy can handle the payment, rebilling and even cancellations of rented properties!


Are you dominating rankings for Affiliate, CPA, Adsense or even Launch Jacking sites?
Send all that traffic to any site you want with a safe & speedy overlay!

We believe so strongly in our product, here's a head-to-head comparison between LocalSupremacy and 'the other guys':

Your Options With & LocalSupremacy are Endless!

  • Rank & Rent Method

    Dominate the first page, then rent them out to local businesses for a passive income stream on complete auto pilot.

  • Lead Generation

    Dominate the first page, then overlay a lead capture page and sell the leads in any niche you choose.

  • Traffic Generation

    Dominate the first page, then capture all the traffic to do whatever you please with. Build a list or send that traffic to any offer you desire.

  • Affiliate Marketing

    Dominate the first page, then overlay an affiliate offer or landing page to promote an affiliate offer. Test out as many different offers as you wish!

  • CPA Marketing

    Dominate the first page, then funnel all the traffic to CPA offers!

  • Adsense Sites

    Dominate the first page, then overlay a legitimate Adsense site with tons of high CPC keywords that are making money.

Our Rock Solid Guarantee

So pick up LocalSupremacy & SERPtech now, with complete confidence your purchase is fully covered by our 100% money-back guarantee...

Don't delay, click the button below to secure your copy of LocalSupremacy & SERPtech today. . . while you can still get in at the best possible price.

Herc Magnus, Todd Spears, Steven VD Peijl & Jason Nedrick

  • Herc Magnus

  • Todd Spears

  • Steven VD Peijl

  • Jason Nedrick

$997 One Time Initiation

$47/Month For 250 Rentable Assets
$97/Month For 9999 Rentable Assets
However, Your FIRST month is only $1!

*An asset is a single billing item.
This can be a single page, or even a single site.


Any one will compliment your Local Supremacy Membership perfectly!

  • 8 Week Rank & Rent Training

    Want to watch us as we take a project all the way from finding a keyword, to building the site and ranking it #1 in Google using PSv2; for multiple terms? This is KILLER training on how to best utilize solid SEO and your new plugin to fully take advantage of your markets!

    Value: $147

  • 150 Keyword Supremacy Credits

    If you've ever struggled to find the keywords that have all the right ingredients to start out with, this tool will be your life saver. KeywordSupremacy is the only keyword tool on the market which has a local suggest search function and gives you all the metrics you need at the press of a button to decide if it's worth it or not. Save your time, let this keyword sluice out the golden nuggets for you.

    Value: $147

  • 5 Site License Project Supremacy Plugin

    Install PSv2 on 5 sites and achieve the optimization power SEO's dream of all in one easy to use plugin. Plan out your sites structure and then optimize your pages on one dashboard using the project planner which includes keyword research and difficulty metrics. Then execute Schema with form filling ease and watch your sites rankings soar!

    Value: $147